Is Unwanted Junk and Clutter Weighing You Down?

Get complete junk hauling services in Topsham or Brunswick, ME

Do you have old furniture or yard waste you need to get rid of? Taking multiple trips to the dump can get expensive and your regular trash pickup doesn't take all waste. But Wicked Good Cleanouts in Topsham & Brunswick, ME. can help clean out your home or office building with complete junk hauling services.

Schedule our full-service junk and brush removal services to have your home cleared out.

If you need it gone, we'll take it away

It's true - your unwanted junk could mean a lot to someone else. Wicked Good Cleanouts will go through your unwanted junk and recycle any gently used items, like:

Scrap metal
Car batteries
Lawn equipment
Construction debris
Yard waste

When you choose Wicked Good Cleanouts for professional junk hauling services, you know your items are being recycled properly and not sitting in a landfill. Call today for full-service junk and brush removal services in Topsham or Brunswick, ME.